Free For The Orphan & The Poor


This maahad tahfiz often moved when there are those who are willing to lay them in a specific location and eventually they moved again when the term has expired. In december 2015, this has maahad tahfiz has two teachers, a warden and gardener. Ustaz Firdaus is the founder of this tahfiz.His wife also helped Dr Ustaz Firdaus in administration and cook for paradise children here. This maahad has just moved into the road to Cameron Highlands Tapah in December 2014 ago.

The Founder Of MTFAW

Ustaz Mazri Firdaus

Community Activities For Free

The community services provided for the community for free are such as Jemaah prayer, Hajat prayer, doa recitation & tahlil, Khatam Quran and recitation of Al Mathurat and Doa.